Zenith Roofing & Remodeling Can Replace Your Roof

Who Offers Re-roofing & Roof Replacement services in Haughton & Shreveport, LA?

If you notice damage to your roof after a storm, it's best to call for a professional assessment. Zenith Roofing & Remodeling, LLC offers roof replacement services in the Haughton & Shreveport, LA area when your roof is beyond repair.

In some cases, we might find the damage to your roof before you do. In either case, we'll recommend that you:

  • File a claim with your insurance company
  • Allow us to meet with the adjuster so we can point out the damage, inside and outside of your home
  • Hire us to take care of the roof replacement

You'll work directly with us through every step of the process, and we'll act as the middleman between you and your insurance company.

Call 318-773-8010 today to get started on the roof replacement process in the Haughton & Shreveport, LA area.

We offer free inspections

We offer free inspections

If you don't want to go through an insurance company, ask us to write up an estimate to do the work. Our experienced crew will remove your existing roof, including the shingles and any damaged plywood. Then we'll install new CertainTeed shingles. We also install tile and metal roofs. We use magnets to pick up stray nails, and we'll clean up your yard with care after re-roofing.

Schedule an appointment for a free inspection and re-roofing estimate in Haughton & Shreveport, LA. Contact Zenith Roofing & Remodeling today.